What we do

People often ask what kind of work do we supply?  Well it’s hard to put a finger on it. We are asked to print a whole range of products ranging from map printing and A0 posters to point of sale, FSDU’s and dump bins to name a few.

More importantly – What kind of product do you require?

Map printing, POS display printing, FSDU’s, Dump bins, Show cards, Shelf strips, Large Format Posters, Signage, billboards, the list is endless….

Whether your looking for a large format litho printer, wide format silk screen printer or huge format digital printer…

You want the best price  •  You need the best quality  •  You deserve the best service!

Well congratulations – you have found the UK’s premier large format print supplier. We specialise in all production methods including:

  • Large format litho printing
  • Large format silk screen printing
  • Large format digital printing (AKA Wide format printing)
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Jobs for our clients read like the FTSE index. As one of the UK’s leading supplier for large format printing we supply many of the high street stores with their POS items, window posters and other items. Most of work is indirect however, working with marketing and design agencies from all over the UK and Europe.

The Most Capacity

Capacity is always available for those tight deadlines or huge campaigns.
Our large format litho work is produced on KBA162 & KBA205 printing presses, using state of the art colour control to ensure your project is printed the the highest quality.

So if you need peace of mind that:

  • Your work is printed on the biggest, most modern presses
  • Your budget will be met
  • Your deadlines will be achieved
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How is it different to conventional printing?

Large format litho printing is not as common as B1 or B2 litho printing and often require a different mindset, as the items our clients ask us to supply are usually different to standard print products too.

Large Format Litho Printing Presses

There are two main presses we use for our large format print work which are the KBA162 and the KBA205. We can offer large format litho printing in conventional or UV printing inks for printing onto plastics such as Polypropylene and PVC. The presses are often referred to as VLF presses (Very Large Format) or XXL Printing presses.

What markets do we use large format printing presses for?

Just like smaller printing, we supply clients from all industries or markets, for mainstream print products as well as lots of unique, bespoke and magnificent products too. Our main markets are:

The large format map printing is another area we do a lot of work in. Many large format printers don’t like to get involved with map printing due to the high quality and detail required. The large format folding required for maps is a very specialised process too.

If you’re looking for a large format litho print partner then we’d love to discuss how we can help. Please give us a call or drop us an email.

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Products & Services

Large format printing is used for all kinds of products and markets from POS printing and window posters to multiple page work and sample binders. Below are some of the most common big print services we help with:

Printing Service

If you have a specific question or you would just prefer to speak with a human being then don’t be shy. Pick up the phone or send us an email.

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