48 Sheet Posters – Billboard printing, fast for your outdoor campaign

48 sheet billboards are one of the most common sizes for outdoor advertising boards. Most outdoor campaigns feature a mix of 48 sheets, 96 sheets and 6 sheets. there are other bespoke billboard sizes but those 3 are the most frequently used formats with 48 sheets topping the bill.

Why Let Us Print Your 48 sheets?

Finding and selecting the best print partner for your outdoor poster campaign is a tough call. 48 sheet posters can be litho printed, screen printed or printed digitally. The ideal process for production will depend on the artwork and quantity required. Can your current supplier do all three?

48 sheet printing

Have you been let down on lead times by your current printer?

Lead times can be long with some suppliers due to slow running machines and high capacity. Your advertising campaign will not wait and your posters need to be delivered to the correct advertising depots on schedule. Thousands of pounds are wasted on billboard advertising space every month due to late production and deliveries of the posters.

Are you paying too much for your 48 sheet printing

Many advertisers are paying more than double what they should for 48 sheet billboard printing. From expensive providers creaming the profit to the wrong inefficient machines being used to print them. Are you wasting money with the wrong supplier?

As one of the premium providers for 48 sheets in the UK we can provide outdoor posters for any quantity in the shortest time frame for the best price.

  1. Fast lead times – More available capacity than other suppliers for 48 sheets.
  2. Great delivery network – We can provide tracking POD’s for individual depots.
  3. We save you money – From 1 to 1 million copies we are consistently less expensive than most providers in the market through efficiency and bulk buying.

Who should use 48 sheet billboard campaigns?

Any and every business can benefit from outdoor advertising no matter how large or small. If your not using billboard as part of your marketing you could be missing out on sales. From a sale trader electricians and small shops to blue chips like McDonalds, Thomas Cook and major retailers. They all use billboards (especially 48 sheets) to advertise to thousands upon thousands of passers by each day. There is no other advertising medium to broadcast your message to so many people for such a low cost.

small business 48 sheet billboard

Where do you choose and book advertising space for my 48 sheet?

There are tons of places you can look to advertise using 48 sheets. If your a local business wanting to try one or two sites then drive around your local town looking for empty building walls or fields and speak with the building or land owners. For a quicker solution or a larger campaign however you may be better speaking with an outdoor advertising agency who have good rates arranged with billboard providers. And for very large national campaigns you might even decide to speak with the billboard providers direct such as JC Decaux and Clearchannel.

What to do when you have booked your advertising space

Contact us immediately! Even if you space is booked weeks or months ahead. Call us today for a price and to book in your production.

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