96-sheet Billboards: Why You Need Them for Your OOH Ad Campaign

96 sheet printing96 sheet billboard advertising is often used as part of a larger outdoor advertising campaign, with 48-sheet and 6-sheet displays elsewhere. As one of the most frequently used formats, the 96-sheet is the biggest standard size, coming second in popularity to its 48-sheet counterpart.

The 96 sheet format is incredibly effective for roadside advertisements, such as the trailers parked in fields beside motorways and other prime locations.


Why Should I Use 96 sheet Billboards As Part Of My Outdoor Advertising?

Put simply, they are big, eye catching and very difficult to ignore. Commuters stuck in traffic have a habit of looking around while waiting, and if they are parked in reading-distance of your billboard during this time, it is highly likely your ad will make a lasting impression. There are many 96-sheet billboards around the country, so you shouldn’t find it too difficult to find an excellent advertising space that will have a high impact on your company or campaign with maximum exposure.

Why should you trust us to print your 96-sheet campaign?

Choosing the perfect partner for 96 sheet printing for your advertising can be difficult, and it is important you look for a supplier who can not only keep to your deadlines, but can print in a number of formats in keeping with your design and the quantity of prints you need to fill your advertising space. There are a few different ways in which posters can be printed, so speak to a professional who can advise you on the best. Ideally, select the supplier who can do it all!

It can be very stressful and disheartening when your supplier is not running to schedule on your billboard printing. Statistics show that a lot of money is in fact wasted because printing companies simply do not deliver on time. The advertising space is wasted, you have to rebook, the space may not be available, and often your outdoor advertising campaign is time sensitive.

Look no further than us. We offer fast lead times on all your printing, and we operate within an excellent delivery network, enabling us to provide tracking information for each depot your 96 sheet billboard printing will be delivered to, giving you extra peace of mind.

96 sheet advertising

Did you know?

Many companies using OOH advertising are being charged over the odds by companies who simply overcharge to maximise their profits, or just use old or incorrect equipment for the job which increases their overheads, that in turn inflates your price. Don’t let yourself get ripped off! Whether we supply one printed 96-sheet billboard or an enormous amount for your campaign, we offer excellent value across the board due to bulk buying and sheer efficiency in our operation.

Who uses outdoor advertising?

Anyone can use billboard advertising for their business. You may have seen larger companies such as banks or food outlets advertising on a bus stop billboard or a 48 sheet or 96-sheet billboard on the side of a building. However, this is not only open to the blockbuster movies and big companies… Absolutely anyone can advertise OOH (out of home) and, let’s face it, if it wasn’t effective, would the big boys keep doing it? Absolutely not!

Outdoor advertising reaches more people than you could imagine every day. People run, walk, cycle, drive and bus past hundreds of advertisements every day, and one of them could be yours. It reaches every age group, widening your demographic immensely.

Here’s a quick time lapse video of a printed 96 sheet on display close to us in Leeds. The advertising space on this on belongs to Primesight, one of the larger UK billboard vendors.

How can I select my advertising space?

There are a few ways you can find and choose space on which to advertise:

  • Look at your local area for large perimeter fences, blank gable-ends of houses or commercial properties, fields or other vacant spaces and consult with the owner of the property.
    • You may get your advertising space at a bargain price
    • Note: this can be very time consuming, especially if you are very busy with your company.
  • Contact an outdoor advertising agency who have a business relationship with a number of billboard owner and who have negotiated better rates.
    • Agencies usually charge a finder’s fee, or commission for finding your advertising space, which can increase costs.
    • One such agency is Smithfield Agency based in London
  • Contact the owner of the billboard. This is more suitable for the largest campaigns which are held across the entire country, rather than in a small town or a specific region.

So, I have my design, and my billboard spaces are booked. What now?

No matter how far in advance you have booked the space, contact us so we can book you in, price you up and get production underway so the whole campaign runs smoothly.

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