A0 Poster Printing in Large Volumes

A0 posters are usually ordered in smaller quantities which makes them ideal for digital print. However there are also many occasions when it is simply too expensive to produce them on an inkjet printer. So what are the alternatives? The two primary ways to print A0 posters when volumes are too large for plotters and flatbed printers are:

  1. Large format Screen Printing
  2. Large format Litho Printing

A0 litho poster printing

Screen Printing A0 posters

Screen printing is great for images that don’t require a high resolution appearance. If an A0 poster will only be viewed from a distance of over 5 meters than screen print will most probably suffice but if the viewer is any closer they will start to see the dot patterns in any halftones. This does not necessarily apply if the artwork only contain vector edges with solid colours such as shapes and text. this is because the low resolution only becomes apparent in the halftones. Although screen printing may be more cost effective than digital print on any more than 25-50 posters it still cannot compete with A0 lithographic print on quantities above 100-150.

Lithographic Printing A0 posters

There is no doubt about it, litho print produces much higher quality than screen printing and when an A0 poster is to be viewed at close range such as high street window posters. This should always be the production method of choice when printing more than 100 in quantity for close up posters.

Litho posters aren’t just used for adverting either, or should I say direct advertising. The promotional posters bought in high street shops for music bands, films, and events that line the walls of teenagers bedrooms across the country are usually produced on a lithographic press. If you think about it this is one of the cleverest marketing campaigns ever. Promotion companies for movies, music bands and even console games design and print a large volume print run of A0 posters that advertise their product or event. Then, instead of standing the cost as an advertising expense the posters are then SOLD at a profit to adoring fans. I would bet good money that the marketeer who first came up with this campaign got a good pat on the back!


  1. poster reproduction says:

    Hi there,

    A0 posters can be digitalized.. one has to go near them to see it.. worth it?


    • Francis says:

      Hi Gerald,

      By Digitized do you mean printed digitally? Whilst digital print does have it’s own advantages its often not suitable for larger run quantities where litho or screen is usually more cost effective for large format poster printing.

  2. posterprintsuk says:

    I thought that A0 Litho Printers didn’t exist!?

    • Francis says:

      That is what a lot of people tend to think and there aren’t many large format presses capable of printing that size but there are some. We can supply litho print, screen print and digital print for A0 posters.

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