Are You Looking For A0 Poster Printing?

Litho printing, digital printing and silk screen printing for your A0 posters. There are lots of companies to print your smaller posters but A0 poster printing requires much larger, more specialised equipment. When choosing a supplier you need to take into account how many you need as well as how and where the posters will be used. Big Litho can help with your A0 poster printing whatever the quantity, however below is a brief guide to help you know the different print options for A0 and other large format posters. Should you choose to buy your posters elsewhere we hope this guide comes in useful.


Which Method Should You Choose For A0 Poster Printing?

You basically have 3 choices when it comes to printing A0 posters.

  1. Large format litho printing for A0 posters
  2. Large format digital printing for A0 posters
  3. Large format silk screen printing for A0 posters

Which method you go with will depend on what quality resolution you require, how far away the A0 posters will be viewed from, how many copies you require and of course your budget.

A0 Posters – Litho Printing

Utlilising two of the largest litho printing presses in the world – the KBA205 and KBA162, A0 posters are printed 1 up or 2 up on a sheet. Litho printing offers a better print quality than is available through any other print method. Digital print has come a long way in recent years but varies a lot from one digital printer to another, and still cannot quite match the high resolution of large format litho printing. If you require less than 100 A0 posters then A0 litho printing is going to be very expensive when compared with the other two options below. However if your order is for more than 250 A0 posters then litho printing is almost certainly the route to go down. It will be the most economical choice as well as offering the best print quality.

Litho printing posters

Inks and materials used for A0 litho posters

For A0 posters printed onto paper we use conventional inks where as when printing A0 plastic posters we use UV cured inks. As well as a variety of paper options your A0 posters can also be printed onto PVC or polypropylene for use outdoors or where moisture is a factor.

Who should order litho printed A0 posters

If you are looking to order over 250 posters in full colour onto paper or plastic then we would usually recommend litho printing.

A0 Posters – Digital Printing

All our A0 posters are printed on state of the art digital printing machines. For most runs we utilise the Inca Onset flatbed printers. The quality of print from these machines is the closest inkjet to litho print available. The ink coverage is fantastic and vibrant and the quality is comparable to litho printing on most images. Where it can fall down a little is printing small text such as terms and conditions often found at the bottom of A0 posters for movies. Any text smaller than 10pt can be more difficult to read than if it were litho printed.

Large Format Poster Printing

Inks and materials used for A0 digital posters

For A0 digital posters we use either solvent inks or UV cured inks. Digital A0 Posters can be printed on a broad selection of paper substrates or PVC.

Who should order digitally printed A0 posters

If you are looking to order from 1 – 250 posters then digital maybe the best option.

A0 Posters – Silk Screen Printing

Silk screen printing was the more traditional method of production for large format posters for many years. Litho printing presses used to go up to a maximum of B1 with a sheet size of 1020 x 720mm, but no larger. This meant that any other large format poster printing had to be done by silk screen printing. When large format litho printing was introduced screen printing tended to be used for the shorter run lengths however nowadays digital printing tends to these lower quantities. There is still a mid range where screen print can hold its own and it still tends to be more competitive on price for single colour work. It is often favoured for single colour work too as screen printing tends to lay down a much heavier ink coverage than litho print or digital print. Resolution wise silk screen printing has a lower quality than most digital and litho printing. So in summary whilst silk screen is still a very useful process for many product and purposes, most A0 poster printing is done by either large format digital print or large format litho print.

A0 poster silk screen printing

Inks and materials used for A0 silk screen posters

When printing A0 silk screen posters we always use UV cured inks due to the ink coverage. Silk Screen A0 Posters can be printed onto the widest range of substrates including a selection of paper options, PVC or polypropylene.

Who should order silk screen printed A0 posters

If you are looking to order from 100-200 posters in full colour or 50 to 300 posters in single colour then Silk Screen printing could be the best solution for your A0 posters.

The Best A0 Poster Printers

Hopefully that has given you an insight into your options when asking for A0 poster printing. Now how do you decide which supplier to use for your A0 poster order? That’s the easiest question of all! Big Litho supply customers around the world with all kinds of large format posters. From huge blue chip clients such as supermarkets and banks to many design and marketing agencies. If your a trade buyer then all your orders can be sent out under plain cover so your client will never where it was produced or who by.

If you would like a price for A0 posters please fill in the short form below:

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