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Building wraps, sometimes known as building billboards or wallscapes, are a fantastic method of advertising. Wallscapes are the largest form of banner printing and there are very few options that can be utilised for such large-scale advertising.  Not even billboard posters can compare to the amount of exposure that can be obtained from the side of a large building, and depending on the size and location it can be seen by millions of people from miles around.

Building wraps are used for other purposes, outside of just advertising a product. Although advertising is usually part and parcel of the project. They are often used on old and / or unused buildings with a dual purpose:

  1. To hide what might be regarded as an eyesore in an otherwise upbeat area
  2. To generate revenue from the wall space and structure.

Building wrap on scaffolding in Leeds

Another popular area for using building wrap banners is on building sites and building that are under construction or renovation. Once again the building banners have a more than one purpose:

  1. To hide the untidy appearance of the building work being undertaken.
  2. To earn revenue from an otherwise unattractive space.
  3. To keep suspense for the launch of the new building once building work is complete

However building advertising is also prominent by large companies on many other building around city centers, especially high-rise offices and skyscrapers. If you’d like to take a look at some impressive building wrap examples then click this link.

Building wraps can be produced and installed in a number of ways utilising different approaches and materials. The most common way is using a heavy-duty PVC mesh banner material. For most huge building banners the print cannot be produced on one piece so multiple banners have to be produced and then stitched together. The reasons for using mesh PVC instead of standard PVC are:

  1. It is lighter weight.
  2. It is windproof.
  3. It allows light through to the area behind, either builders or though windows

One other popular method of production is using mesh adhesive that is stuck to the windows of glass buildings. Again the mesh allows light to pass through to the office behind but from the outside looks like a solid print.

Below is a time-lapse video showing printing production and installation of a huge building banner wrap in Africa. This isn’t a project of ours but does give an idea what can be achieved.


If you need help or would like to discuss building banner printing then please get in touch with our team on 0113 383 3888

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  1. william johnson says:

    Really building wraps are the best way to promote a product. To make your trade show huge and success these techniques are essential.

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