Impressive Building Wrap Banners

There has been a lot of interest in building wraps and large-scale advertising banners lately so we thought we would share some impressive examples of building wallscapes (AKA building wraps) from around the world to inspire you.

Asian Games - Huge Building wrap banner

This particular building banner was located in Doha to promote the Asian Games in 2006.

Calvin Klein - impressive building wrap

A huge city center building advertisement for Calvin Klein underwear.

Huge Building wraps on skyscraper

Now this is one of my favourites. The scale of this is unbelievable but partnered with the fact there are absolutely no other tall buildings in the vicinity and it is next to major road the advertising potential is ginormous. It will be seen by millions of people. I wouldn’t like to guess at the cost of printing & installation but no doubt that will be nothing in comparison to the rental cost of the advertising space.

Whisky building billboard advert

A typical shopping centre front used as a billboard with a very nice, eye-catching design.

Nokia cut out window wallscape

This Nokia building wrap looks as though it may be installed on residential flats hence the need to cut holes for the apartment windows. Two of the windows have had white mesh adhesive applied (this will allow more light into the building than mesh banner) but others have not so I guess this is down to the occupants.

Penn & Teller building advert

And last but not least, here is a great building wrap example advertising the magical duo, Penn & Teller. In this case I think it’s the building that makes it look more impressive. I do think it could do with some extra lighting on their to make it really stand out.

Below is a video showing the installation of a giant Heineken building wrap. The planning and dimensions of these banner wraps needs to be thoroughly thought out and executed perfectly to ensure the end result achieves the impact desired by the advertiser.


I hope you’ve enjoyed looking thought these and feel inspired. Now go forth and find customers and building space to install some of these magnificent creations.

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