Large Format Folding

Finding a suitable & reliable supplier for large format printing in the UK is not always an easy task. There are far fewer VLF printers in the UK than B1 and B2 companies and each have their own strengths and weaknesses. Most large printing presses are set up to print large posters, POS displays or packaging print. Very few are set up for printing sheets where more detailed and intricate finishing are required such as large format folding. In fact there are only a handful of large scale folding machines in the country capable of folding A0 posters or anything much large than a B1 sheet (1020 x 720mm).

A0 folding

One of the most common folds we are requested to produce is folding A0 to A4. A0 posters & Wallcharts often require folding before they can be inserted on attached to magazines or mailed our in envelopes for mailing. There are many different folding combinations for A0 or any large format print. The most common finished sizes are A0 to A4 folding or A0 to A5 folding. The weight of the paper is usually determined by the amount of folds required. As you can imagine folding an A0 poster to A5 on 200gsm is impossible by machine so it would need to be printed on a 150gsm or preferably a 130gsm paper.

Other Large Format Folds

Whilst A0 posters are the most commonly requested large sheets for print finishing we’ve had jobs produced with all kinds of other format. One recent job we produced was a printed paper tape measure that was given out in pharmacy’s so that customer could measure their waist lines. The size was 20mm wide by 1500mm long which then folded down to 20 x 150mm.

On of the other common large folding products we are enlisted to help with is map folding where folds can be more complex. To read more on map folding please follow this link.

Folding video

We don’t currently have a large format folding video but I found this great clip on youtube of a large format Mabeg folding machine in operation.

Note how they operate the folder at lower speeds than a smaller folder for accuracy.

Whilst not true large format this next video of a B1 Stahl folder in operation is another good example of large folding in action. Again it’s not running at the fastest speed possible but when folding large sheets its much more important to ensure the folds are neat and accurate. Trying to run a large format folding machine at faster speeds can compromise the quality of the product and also cause more jams and downtime, effectively making the process slower.

If you are looking for large format printing or large format finishing such as folding then please get in touch. Big Litho are specialist in wide format print work.

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