Large Format Litho Printing Presses

How do you know which print supplier to use for your large format litho print project?

When looking for any print supplier, you need to be sure your project will be produced to the highest standard. You need to know every aspect from print to delivery will be cared for as if it were our own…

KBA205 is the biggest large format litho printing press in the world

Large format litho presses

The two main printing presses that our large format litho work is produced on is the KBA 162, which prints to a maximum sheet size of 1200 x 1620mm, and the larger KBA 205 which prints a sheet up to 1510 x 2050mm. That’s over 2 meters wide and the largest litho press in the world!!

KBA, the German press manufacturer, are renowned for the heavy engineering and have been the market leader for large format printing presses for some time. Their latest advances in colour control are revolutionary as they can colour check and correct the huge sheets as they print on the fly.

The KBA205 printing press in action…

Wide Format Digital Printing

The KBA 205 and KBA 162 litho print presses compliment large format digital equipment very well. One such example is the Inca Onset currently regarded as the leading large format inkjet machine on the market. For printing posters and any materials up to 1mm thick the KBA presses are fantastic and by far the most economical option for run lengths of over 100. However the Inca Onset and other large format digital printing kit do have their own advantages. The Onset for example, being a flatbed printer, prints onto ANYTHING up to 50mm thick. Yes, anything – Paper, Board, Metal, Wood. So long as the item has a flat surface and weighs less than 10kg, it can be printed onto and will last outdoors against the elements for up to two years. It also has a large image area than the litho presses at a size of 3140 x 1600mm.

As well as the Onset we use a selection of other wide format flatbed printers and roll-fed inkjets. Machines such as the Turbojet are ultra fast whilst printing at a lesser quality than some of the other options. However, for billboard printing such as 6 sheets, 4 sheets, 48 sheets and 96 sheet hoardings that are viewed from 2m away or more they are perfectly acceptable and most people would struggle to notice a difference unless they were standing right next to the billboard.

Large Format Printing – Litho or Digital?

So which process is right for you; – Large format litho and wide format digital printing? There are a few aspects of your job that will make it more suitable for one or the other. If you’re not entirely sure, then don’t worry. Just give us a quick call to discuss your requirement…

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