Large Format Printing – A Diverse But Niche Print Sector

How many words can be used to sum up your business, service or product range? Try to list them on a piece of paper and you’ll probably find the list is endless. I was quote surprised this week when I set myself the task of listing the keywords for our core offering. Large format print is quite bespoke but I ended up with pages of products and ways to describe our service offering. So why did I assign myself this task?

What kind of products are produced by large format printing?

That was the question posed to me by a client the other day “What kind of product require large format printing”. To be honest I was a little stuck to give an answer. Not because I don’t know any and I’m not often lost for words, but because there are so many. For a start there are different types or large format printing processes:

  • Large format litho
  • Large format silk screen
  • Large format digital (AKA Wide format printing)

Each process has its own pro’s and cons, strengths and weaknesses or merits and capabilities. Which process is used will depend on the product specification, quantity required, end use of the item and of course the budget for the project.

Large Format Printing Wordle

Large format Print products

From Billboards (96 sheets, 48 sheets, 6 sheets 4 sheets and double crown posters) to Point of sale (FSDU’s, Dumpbins, Standee’s, strut cards, etc), other OOH items such as banners & building wraps to folded maps, wall maps, brochures… The list went on and on.

If you like the image above you can create your own for your business quite easily. I came across a great website last week where you can enter any number of keywords, set the colours, background, pattern and tons of other options to make your image bespoke to you. The website is called If you create any of these for your website please post a link in the comments below.

Wordle: Large Format and OOH Print

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