Large Wall Map Printing

As well as supplying custom printed and folded maps, we also produce and supply a lot of large format wall maps.

Wall maps can be useful to many businesses. Couriers, Estate Agents, Shipping Companies are just some of the industries that have asked us to produce large bespoke maps for their office walls. There are a number of different ways these can be produced depending on the desired effect, how they will be used and of course the budget to produce them. If you need to refer to maps in your business, either internally or with customers then chances are it will be both easier and more impressive if you utilised the big blank canvas that is your office wall!


Printing different types of Wall Maps

Wall map in estate agents office

So what are the options for printing your large wall map?

So what are the differences in finish and cost?

Lets try to summarise….

Large Format Poster Map

Poster maps are printed to standard poster paper such as a 170gsm or 200gsm silk paper, usually on a roll. If the map width is larger than the roll width then it will have to be done in sections. These posters can be attached to the wall using double sided tape, blue tac, drawing pins or any other way you can think of to hang paper posters. You can also ask to have the posters laminated for extra protection. Laminating the poster map with gloss laminate will also allow you to use dry wipe markers (the ones used on white boards) if you wish.
Pro’s: This is the cheapest option if your on a tight budget.
Con’s: Not the most robust option as paper is easily damaged. It will be rolled in a tube for transport so requires some effort to get it to sit flat on the wall when fitted.

subway underground poster wall map

Wallpaper Map

Wallpaper maps are printed onto a special printable wallpaper that is then applied in the same way as normal wallpaper. As they are usually produced on thicker material than standard wallpaper, you do need to use an extra strong wallpaper paste.
Pro’s: Printed wallpaper gives a cleaner finish when fitted than a poster map (assuming an experienced decorator fits it).
Con’s: If your anything like me you‘ll hate fitting wallpaper which probably means getting a good decorator involved to hang it, which of course is an extra expense. Also if you make a mistake you will need to buy that panel again.

Office Wall map - wallpaper map

Canvas Map

Canvas maps look very nice and can be finished in a number of ways. The most common requirement is the traditional wooden canvas frame  but they can also be mounted on bars like a banner map or mounted into a frame.
Pro’s: The wooden frame canvas maps are very easy to hang
Con’s: Typically they can’t be produced as large as the other options and are one of the more expensive options

Canvas wall map

Banner Map

PVC Banner’s are very versatile and can be used for a multitude of purposes. They can be finished with hemmed edges and eyelets then tied up with ropes, attached to mounting bars (like narrow scaffold bars), or tightened into aluminium frames.
Pro’s: Hard wearing and can be used outdoors as well as indoors. Can be folded up for transport too so easily moved around. It is one of the best option for use outdoors.
Con’s: Generally not as tidy looking as the other finishes mentioned.

Rigid Panel Wall Map

This is by far our more popular finished wall map. Rigid panel maps can be either printed direct to substrate (required for outdoors) which is usually Foamex or Dibond, or printed to paper and mounted. Foamex is a very lightweight but strong rigid PVC board and Dibond is an aluminium composite. They come in different thicknesses but we use 5mm foamex board for most wall maps. When the end use is indoors such as offices we usually print to paper, gloss laminate the paper before mounting it to the foamex. The panel sizes we usually produce are around 2.5m x 750mm and we can produce as many panels as required depending on the width of the map. Rigid office wall maps can also be produced using steel paper for magnetic wall maps so that you you can apply magnets to them. The photo below is from British Maritime Security who asked us to produce a magnetic map so they could stick magnets to mark the position of ships. We also applied a protective gloss laminated film that enabled them to use dry wipe markers too.
It can be fitted using screws if permanent, double sided tape or hook and loop tape (velcro).
Pro’s: The foamex panels are very light, easy to fit in a variety of options. They are also long lasting and very robust.
Con’s: Non that we have come across so far.

Magentic Wall Map for British Maritime Security

How to order your wall map

Well that just about covers the main options for producing a wall map for your office or home. If you’d like to discuss a concept or project then we’d love to hear from you. Just click the button below to be taken to our contact details…

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