Map folding – Finishing a Printed Map

If you have ever been on holiday and tried to navigate whilst battling with a ginormous flat out map you’ll also be familiar with the difficulties of trying to fold it back into its cover. Well I hope you don’t hold this against us but we may have been the ones that did the original folding of your frustrating navigational tool!

Map printing and map folding

The fact is that map folding can be quite complex, even for experienced map printers. We are asked to print maps that come in all kinds of flat size sheets and fold them down to fit in covers of just as many variants. The difference between you battling to keep the map from taking over your windscreen and us is that we need to make these intricate works of art pass though specialist folding machinery at thousands of sheets per hour!

If you are looking to have a large format map printed and folded you need to speak with an experienced supplier. Some printers or print finishing companies have been known to take on map folding without truly appreciating how accurate the folding needs to be. The folds to fall in exactly the right position, otherwise when it is attached to it’s cover the finished article will not look or work nearly as good as intended.

If you are looking to produce a large format map then have a chat with one of the team to discuss your options.

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