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PVC Mesh banner printingMesh banners are a lightweight alternative to standard PVC banners. They can be used for indoor or outdoor use but the usual reason customers choose to use a mesh banner instead or standard PVC is for use outdoors in windy area’s. Standard banner material can ripple in the wind and if not secured well it can blow away or in strong winds damage the items it is attached to. In effect, a standard PVC banner can act like a sail on a boat in the wind so you need to choose the correct banner printing process. Banner Mesh has small holes all over, a little like a fishing net except it has more solid area’s to show the printed image. Because Mesh banners allow the wind to pass through them, they are ideal when placed high up outdoor and also for use as banner fencing at events or building wraps attached to scaffolding. Our mesh banners are very durable and resistant to UV light (the sun) and other weather conditions such as wind and rain.

Mesh Banner fence at event

Mesh Banner Fence

Mesh banners can be printed in single or full colour, though most customer opt for full colour to make the most impact in their advertising space. They can be printed digitally or screen printed depending on the quantity required and if the design changes for different versions. As such we can provide any quantity of mesh banners you require, from 1 to 1000 or more. When produced digitally they can be printed at different resolutions depending on the viewing distance. The advantage to printing at a lower resolution such as 360dpi instead or 720dpi or higher is that it is printed faster using slightly less ink and therefore costs less. However if you viewed two banners (one at high resolution and one at low resolution) from 10m away or further you would most likely not be able to tell the difference.

Our mesh banners are finished with double welded hems and eyelets (or pole inserts) as standard to guarantee you a mesh banner with a long life! Be warned,  some suppliers for mesh banners often use thinner grade or cheaper grade material and are not finished to the high standards we insist upon.

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