Outdoor Advertising Continues to Grow in 2012

Reports state that outdoor revenues for the 2012 first quarter reached £213m which is a 3.1% rise on the previous year.
(Source: The Outdoor Media Centre)

Although we are in a recession other categories spending more in the 2012 first quarter than in the previous year included retail, drink, travel, telecoms, clothing, cosmetics and personal care, entertainment, and household equipment. The moral it would seem is that companies appreciate that even in a recession they need to be spending money on advertising to attract the customers. In fact more so than before the difficult financial times. Companies that have “battened down the hatches” will no doubt be seeing a different picture.

This first quarter of 2012 has seen the largest growth in the last 12 months for outdoor advertising. Retail and transport have had a particularly good quarter along with some of the other categories above

The ten biggest spenders in outdoor advertisers were high street brands; GlaxoSmithKline, Everything Everywhere, Sky, KFC, E1 Entertainment, Warner Bros, Virgin Media, McDonald’s, Nestle and Vodafone. We’re sure you weren’t surprised by many of the names on the list.

Outdoor adverts diversify

As well as seeing an increase in billboard printing, large banners, large posters, building wraps and other outdoor media there was a substantial growth in digital outdoor revenues which were up to £35.5m for the quarter showing a 42% increase. This obviously reflects advertisers’ increasing interest of new technology in outdoor advertising campaigns, and a desire for more interactivity and connections to web and social media. Digital outdoor marketing now accounts for around 16.5% of all outdoor revenue. This doesn’t mean that “Print is dead” or dying by any means as some might have you believe. There is a natural crossover between the two advertising mediums. Large format LED billboards for example still need to be printed and even digital displays often come with printed POS stands as part of the package.

LED Backlit Adshell Bus Stop Poster

Big Litho Print continue to see increased business in the outdoor market and are happy to be supporting their customers in this time of change and growth.

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