Banner Printing

Banner Printing is another broad products range with banners for all kinds of uses and scenarios. One thing for sure is that banner advertising works and it is relatively low cost. At least for the amount of eyes and potential customers that will view it. For example roadside motorway banner advertising is a great way to market your brand, products and latest offers and this is recognised by businesses large and small.

Banner PrintingOther uses for banners include:

  • A Boards
  • Railing banners
  • Building wraps
  • Shop signage
  • Scaffolding covers
  • Short term advertising for exhibitions or events.

The list goes one but strictly speaking a banner is simply a large flexible sign that is easy and convenient to install and remove. Many of our customers use PVC vinyl banners in place of signage for shops or giving directions to their business. They are relatively lightweight when compared to rigid alternatives, flexible and therefore portable being rolled and folded for transport.

Printing Banners

Only a decade ago banners were only produced using silk screen printing of by sticking pre-cut letters to the vinyl PVC. In recent years however, Digital printing technology has changed the banner printing sector dramatically. Using the silk screen process was far less resolution than even the 300dpi digital prints and often not suitable for halftone or photographic images (except on huge banners) . There are numerous inkjet technologies for roll fed machines and flatbed printers that can print at different resolutions. The higher the resolution you choose to print at the slower the printer will run the more ink it will use and ultimately the more it will cost. 9 times out of 10 you only need to have your banners printed at 300dpi which can look a little grainy up close. However when viewed from 5m away or further the banner often looks as good as one printed at 600 or 1200dpi and typically banners are meant to be viewed from a distance.

Banner Materials

Your main options for banner material or PVC vinyl, which is the most commonly used banner substrate, and PVC mesh which is formed like a fine net to allow windy to pass through. The mesh is both lighter and more resistant to high winds though it does usually cost a little more.

Meash banner printing

Close up of mesh banner material

Banner Suppliers

There seem to be many suppliers on the internet for banner printing with new banner printing firms popping up each day. This is due to the fact that entrance to the market place is getting easier and cheaper. The digital machines of today can be run in relatively smaller area than the silk screen factories of yesteryear. Many design agencies run digital roll fed printers in a large back office. Second hand machines can be picked inexpensively and even some new budget models too.

So who should you use for banner printing

Well it depends in what the requirements are for your banners and the run length. Different machines and therefore different suppliers have different capabilities. Some banners are only suitable for indoors where as some are suited to both indoor and outdoor with UV and waterproof inks. Some banner materials are stronger than others which can be a major factor in windy area’s.

Like anything in life, you need to work with someone you can trust. Big Litho have been supplying banners to companies around the UK, large and small for many years. From huge building wraps and scaffolding banners to A-boards and exhibition graphics. Our customers return time and time again stating that our quality is good, service is great and prices are untouchable by most other suppliers on the market.

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