Large Format Posters

One of the most common requirements for large format printing is for large format posters. A0 posters are a popular window advertiser and the 60×40″ posters are usually what’s required for display boxes, quads and billboards.

Large Format Poster Printing

Litho or digital poster printing?

When we’re printing onto paper, polyart or any other thin substrate the answer is usually down to the quantity required. There are other factors but the general rule of thumb is that if it is below 100 then we’ll take a look at the digital prices where as if it is over 100 then let’s a chat about litho.

Large format litho postersĀ 

Printing on a litho press has its obvious advantages. As far as digital has come in recent years, lithographic print still has the slight edge when it comes to quality. Because the inks partially absorb into the paper, the finish seems more seamless than an inkjet where the ink tends to sit on top of the substrate. Plus it is real magic to see your job churning out of the press at 10,000 sheets per hour (you double checked the proof right?).

Large format digital posters

The advances in technology throughout the print industry have been mind-blowing in the last decade. And this can be seen nowhere more than with digital printing. I almost don’t know what will come next!! The large format inkjets of today produce some fantastic print quality and this has been key to helping our customers reduce their bottom line in the poster market. Previously the options were screen print or litho and neither were very cost-effective for very short runs. Screen printing can give nice solids but is often too low resolution for high quality graphic photos and images.

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