Presentation packaging

Very much like POS print, a well produced Presentation package can mean the difference between 10 sales or 1000 sales. If you want your item to stand out as the premium product it is then the packaging need to reflect that perception. Joe blogs doesn’t know what is in the box at first, he only see’s the outer packet, the display product which is your packaging. We all know the saying “First impressions count” and this applies no where better than on a retail shelf competing with hundreds of other products fighting for the lime light, or as a sample binder on a potential new clients desk. You need to capture their attention above all other surroundings. We like to call high quality packaging “the silent sale pitch” because once a customer feels impelled to pick it up they have more than likely decided they like it, want it and want to buy it.

presentation packaging for wine

Some of the presentation print we supply are:

  • Presentation boxes
  • Retail packaging
  • Storage boxes
  • Binders and folders
  • Promo packaging.

Much like with our POS service we can be as involved or hands off as you like regarding the concept and design. What you can be sure of however is that your presentation product will be produced to the highest standard. Whether you have special requirements such as the use of recycled or FSC materials for your environmental commitments, or need to produce a presentation box way “out of the box” (Sorry, bad pun!) that we really will exceed your expectations.

Presentation Packaging Box for POS

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