Retail Therapy

Even in today’s tough financial market, Retail therapy accounts for a huge amount of retail spend. Most of us find comfort in buying something new whether it be clothes, technology & gadgets or food. Treating ourselves can has the ability to make us happy when we’re feeling down.

Often, people don’t even go out with the intention of buying, or at least buying as much as they end up coming home with. It is the POS displays that are then responsible for whether a product get noticed or not. The term “Point of sale displays” can refer to anything for a huge display with manikin’s for clothing to FSDU’s (Free standing display units) for smaller items. A shop is the battle ground for products trying to fight for the attention of the shopper. Gone are the days when copying the competitors Point of sale design or sticking with the old trends would suffice. Retailers and product manufacturers are constantly trying to push the boundaries of conventional thinking to ensure their item is the impulse buy of the hour.

Wacky POS design and development

If you have a concept for your next project and are (dare I coin the phrase) thinking outside the box chances are you’ll need some expert input. Big Litho would love to help. Pick up the phone and speak to one of the team to plan your discuss your Point of sale requirements

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  1. Philip Wattis says:

    Interesting article. I think the ‘next big thing’ will be finding new and interesting ways of getting consumers into the store where they are already in the locality (geofencing). We are already seeing this with the likes of foursquare and Priority Moments.

  2. Francis says:

    Indeed Phil. I’ve looked at bluetooth marketing devices with a client for close proximity marketing too. I think much of this kind of marketing is great for getting people into the stores & restaurants etc but the push on up selling will then boil down to the in house marketing such as POS or sales assistants where applicable.

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