Scaffold banners

Building sites and building renovations can be quite an eye-sore so it’s understandable that the developers and passers-by would equally like to see something more interesting and pleasing to the eye. The space on the side of building developments is also prime real estate for advertisers as it offers a huge canvas in which to promote their client products and services. It’s understandable then why Scaffold advertising, much like building wraps are getting so popular.

Scaffold banner printing

Scaffolding banners are produced in very much the same way to building wrap banners but can be attached in different ways. There is the traditional eyelets method using a scaffold cable system or even rope to attached the banners to the building. Alternatively a common method for attaching banners to scaffolding is to use a “Looped top and bottom” finish. Looped top and bottom, also knows as a “pole inserts” are simply loops to pass the scaffold bar through and hold the banner in place.

banner attached to scaffolding

Materials for Scaffold banners

Banners for use on scaffolding can be printed on various materials but by far the most commonly used solution is banner mesh PVC. Banner Mesh printing is very durable and resistant to damage caused by the wind. When standard PVC material is used or other materials that don’t allow wind and air to pass through they can effectively act as sails pulling at the structure they have been attached to.Printed Scaffolding Banner

Outdoor advertising on scaffolding

Outdoor advertising has become one of the most popular marketing mediums in recent years. We’ve seen an increase in the requests for billboards, 6 sheets, Large format posters and building banners. Both huge brands, small businesses and everyone in between can take advantage of scaffold advertising as there are no minimum run lengths. Scaffold banners are printed digitally so there is no real unit cost difference between 1 or 10 copies. There are however different methods of production, some more suitable to smaller banner printing and some to huge banner printing. If you are considering advertising on the side of a building site or renovation then be sure to speak with a company that are experienced at producing banners for scaffolding. Big Litho would be happy to hear from you and discuss any requirements or questions you might have.

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