Adverts on the Aisle – Shelf Strips, Wobblers and Danglers

Following on from the Retail Therapy post I wanted to chat a bit about advertising on the shelf. As we discussed before, standing out from the competition in a retail environment is paramount to grabbing the attention of the passing shoppers. One technique or product range used for this is with the use or Shelf WobblersShelf Danglers and Shelf Strips which are excellent tools for eye catching.

It’s important for larger advertisers to keep their brand consistent whilst at the same time keeping fresh with holidays, events and fashions. Shelf strips and other shelf advertising is on strong to the bow that helps keep the message fresh.

Shelf wobblers are often die cut to shape and can be printed on PVC or paper and stick on the the wobbler strips or arms. Although the arms themselves can also be die cut from the paper the plastic ones tend to be much more durable and at a glance the transparent PVC make the wobbler look like it is hovering or dangling in the air.

Some other names for point of sale shelf advertising:

  • Shelf strips
  • Shelf edge strips
  • Shelf posters
  • Shelf wobblers
  • Shelf danglers
  • Shelf talkers

Food shelf strips - POS

One of the latest adverting promotions companies have been using is the use of QR codes on the shelf danglers with some kind of promotion to entice shoppers to snap the 2D barcode and visit a targeted landing page on their website.

Shelf strip printing can be done using paper, PVC or polypropylene. Paper shelf strips are cheaper but generally only used for shelf strips that require a shorter life requirement. However they can have a gloss laminate applied to give a bit of extra protection.

If you need help or advice with any point of sale printing don’t hesitate to have a chat with the team.

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* Post updated August 2013




  1. Paul Dyke says:

    Please can you provide a quotation for:
    990mm x 38mm shelf edge strip packed in quantities of 20
    Black 20 per set = 18
    Cream 20 per set = 31
    Burgundy 20 per set = 7
    Yellow 20 per set = 11
    Good to Go 20 per set = 6
    Organic 10 per set = 8

    Black 1250 x 76 20 per set = 1

    This is to cover three stores only and can be a regular order .

    we require the above for next Wednesday so your earliest quotation would be appreciated.

    Many thanks

    Paul Dyke
    Hawes Signs

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