Wall planner printing – Any size… A0, A1, A2 or A3

Wall planner printing (also know as Year planner printing) is in actual fact just the same as poster printing. We tend to use silk coated, matt coated or sometimes uncoated paper but not gloss as when it is written on, the ink from the pen smudges much easier on gloss coated papers.

There are a few options when ordering your wall planner such as size, printing colours and digital or litho printing. Digital printing is better suited to smaller run whilst litho will be more cost effective for the larger quantities. In regard to printing colours, full colour printing is the best option for most projects. Money can be saved by printing black only but CMYK printing (full colour) tends to be as cost effective as full colour these days so the only reason to print in spot colours is usually for branding reasons.

Large Format Wall Planners & Year Planners

For most purposes the bigger the better with wall planners. The larger it is means that more information it can fit on, and of course it can be read and referred to from further away in the office or room. Just like large format posters, wall planner printing is fairly simple. However to obtain the best price and to be sure you will end up with the best quality wall planners, it is better to work with a company who produce these day in day out.

A1 wall planner template

A0 Wall Planner Printing

The most popular size by far are A0 wall planners. So long as you have the wall space for an A0 print then this is probably the best option. If you haven’t had one designed yet then we can even help you here by using our wall planner design templates as a starting point and adding your logo, company details and any images you want to customise it to your brand. We can supply your wall planners flat on pallets, rolled into tubes or the most popular option is to have them folded to a more manageable size such as A4. Large format folding A0 to A4 is allows the item to be posted easily or inserted with publications such as magazines or brochures.

A1 Wall Planner Printing

The next standard size down from A0 is A1. A1 wall planners cost less than A0 because they are only half the size. Some might argue that for the same reason they only have half the impact but if your on a budget then A1 wall planners might be a good option to save a few pounds. A1 wall planners can be finished or packed in the same way as A0’s – trimmed and left flat, rolled into tubes or folded to A4 or A5.

Why you should use year planners to promote your business…

Sending out branded wall planners is probably one of the oldest promotions going but its still as popular today, if not more than when it was first introduced. If you can give you customers something useful, with your brand on then you have effectively installed an advertising board in their office. The best thing about wall planners is that they are used every day, week & month. That is 365 days of enforcing your brand and message to people who are already happy to buy from you. When it’s put like that it does make you wonder why everybody doesn’t use this advertising tactic?

Year planner design

Simply sending your customer or potential customer your pretty wall planner might not be enough to ensure they choose to display your advertising on their office wall. They may have received one or two others so how do you make sure that they choose to keep your brand on display? A well designed but easy to use year planner is key here. don’t force your advertising down their throat. Most of all make sure the design is tasteful and clean. Use plenty of space so they can add comments on any of the dates and if you are using images try and make sure they are something you would like to see every day. If you sell staples then use an image of someone looking happy, using a stapler in a nice relaxing environment – not just a pile of staples for example. If you have any events planned for the coming year such as an open day or trade show, be sure to include those on the relevant dates.

good Wall planner design

Courtesy of creativereview.co.uk

The design above was done for 2010 by a designer called Crispin Finn and was featured on creativereview.co.uk.

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