What Is Blue Back Poster Paper Used For?

When billboard ads are posted to the billboard placements that have been carefully selected for an advertising campaign, or when fly posters are pasted over other posters or onto various surfaces, there is nothing worse than show-through from previous adverts or colour imperfections or other detail on the surface to distort or ruin your advertisements. It is not uncommon for a billboard or a poster board to have a few adverts posted on top of adverts on top of adverts which are removed periodically.

So How Does Blue Back Paper Help For Billboards And Fly Posters?

Thankfully blue back poster paper offers a very simple solution to prevent the hideous show-through. Blue back poster paper is a specialist printing paper with a white printing surface and an opaque blue back. It can be used for a number of advertisement sizes, from A4 all the way up to whatever size your advert is.

Fly posters are usually somewhere between A4 and 4-sheet size, and large billboards are simply made from a number of 4-sheets. For example, a 24-sheet billboard will be made from 6 4-sheets and 96-sheet billboard advert would be made up with 24 4-sheets. Whatever your size requirements, blueback paper can be used to create your advert.

Printing direct to blueback poster paper can be done with photo quality machines, giving a high quality advertisement for a number of outdoor advertising purposes without letting the colours and images from previous ads pasted below from showing through and ruining the advert you have invested in. Show-through from old ads isn’t the only issue: even if the surface has been cleared, there can be marks, discolorations or other imperfections or detail that can cause show-through and damage your advert.

Why Should I Use Blue Back Paper For My Outdoor Campaign?

Your advert will look better, potentially last longer and appear as you intended no matter what the surface behind it looks like. Most fly poster and billboard printing companies have it in stock as standard. It’s no more expensive than printing to ordinary paper and is definitely worth your consideration if you want your outdoor posters to look their best.

96 sheet printing

What type of billboards might Blueback Poster Paper be used on?

Traditional billboards, or any billboard or surface where there is residual colour distortion may require you use blueback paper. However, multi-faced billboards or backlit billboards do not have this problem.

If you are planning using billboards or fly posters as part of your advertising, speak to your printer or print agent about how blueback paper could benefit you.blu back

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